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Customers can browse and buy your products in the Arkitu App, then just come pick up those item directly from you! This ensures that you build longer, healthier relationships with customers by providing and easy, efficient way to sell product.

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Set up is quick and intuative. Within minutes, you will have a broader reach to more customers. Arkitu also gives you an option to sell product even before you get to a market!

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Customers can browse markets, vendors, information, and even buy products all at their fingertips.


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Cameron Sluggett

Published April 15, 2018

Introducing Arkitu Stories!

The team at Arkitu gets to ineract with vendors at the event, but also beyond that at their farms, offices, and event their homes, we want to share their stories with you.

Want a personilzed story about you but don't know where to start? Don't worry! We provide the writers and photgraphers. All you have to do is schedule a time to meet! Let us know what works for you here.


Cameron Sluggett

Meet the founder! Cameron Sluggett is the CEO of Arkitu. Growing up in a small farming community, Cameron knows the importance of shopping locally. Not only for the farmers but for the environment and your health as well. He is passionate about connecting consumers to locally sources products with ease. He strives to make the concept of “Farm to Table “ the everyday norm.

Charlie Fries

Charlie has experience ranging from UI to server side services. He has built the platform to be as intuative as possible for users to ensure the experience is one of the best.

Cameron Sluggett

Published Mar 15, 2018


From Basque to English, “arkitu” translates to “find you”. As an app, Arkitu was developed to help you find exactly what you want at “dynamic markets”. The app allows farmers to create unique profiles that enable shoppers to easily locate vendors at farmers’ markets. Arkitu Founder Cameron Sluggett has built a tool to streamline communication between shoppers and farmers. In this way, he hopes to facilitate conversation about where your food comes from and shine a light on the people who grow it. Sluggett believes our country is built on farmers and does not feel they garner enough credit for their contributions. He aims to bring more people to farmers’ markets where they can purchase local produce.

As a shopper, once you download the app, you have full access to the vendors at a market. For example, if you are specifically looking for kale, you type your search into Arkitu and it will display all the farmers who are selling kale that night. Based on your location, Arkitu will then draw a line to the vendors with kale, taking you directly to your needs. Founder Sluggett has a vision for progress and growth. Having only launched in January, Arkitu is already active in all five markets in SLO and in four North County markets. He is originally from Oakdale, California, but was drawn to San Luis Obispo. Asserts Cameron: “SLO has agriculture, start-up culture, and technology - the three core things to make this work.” He arrived in SLO last summer to share early ideas about Arkitu at the Downtown SLO Farmers' Market. After hearing his idea, someone approached Sluggett, asking about his affiliation with business incubator SLO HotHouse. However, at the time, Sluggett did not know the HotHouse existed. Intrigued, Sluggett quickly did his research, applied, and was accepted! With a love for farmers’ markets, Sluggett is ecstatic to be in Downtown San Luis Obispo. In the end, all he wants is to help vendors and consumers by creating a more enjoyable market experience for all parties. Download Arkitu (available on iOS) before visiting the Downtown SLO Farmers’ Market and visit Sluggett’s booth while you’re there! Learn more at



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